Puzzle Parking System - Large Parking in A Compact Space
Puzzle Parking System – Large Parking in A Compact Space
Posted By Tedra | 17 Sep, 2020

Indian cities face an acute problem of congestion due to the growth of personal vehicles. Traffic management in many cities is marked by the introduction of one-way traffic systems, which have implications for pedestrian safety and fuel consumption.

Steep shortage of parking supply is seen in commercial areas. Indiscriminate parking obstructs the free flow of traffic and causes accidents. As such multilevel car parking system is an option to maximize car parking capacity by utilizing vertical rather than horizontal space. However, it is often found that ramps or car lifts consume so much parking area that no increase in parking capacity is possible. In such cases, Mechanical car parking systems seem the best and most cost-effective way out. One of the popular varieties of automated parking systems is the puzzle parking system.

Puzzle parking systems are intelligent parking arrangements. From a distance, the operation of the system looks a lot like a sliding puzzle which gives the system its name. It is a fully automatic car parking system and features combination pallets that enable horizontal and vertical movement of parking spots - much like a puzzle - to park retrieve cars. A puzzle parking system can be easily configured and customized into any property.

A Puzzle parking system typically comes in 2 to 6 levels above ground without pits and with pits 2 to 3 levels underground - thus providing optimal space usage. Horizontally, it can go to any distance depending on the horizontal space you have. It is best for new constructions in urban areas where space is a luxury and every inch costs. The puzzle parking system comes with a vertical lift speed of around 3 meters per minute for floors 2 to 6 and a lateral speed of 7 meters per minute. Also, it works in tandem configuration and hence does not affect car retrieval time while simultaneously parking. Puzzle parking systems are ideal for residential, mixed-use, and public garages in constricted urban areas How Puzzle Parking works

The puzzle parking system is a combination of pallet and stack systems. To park a car, you can enter via multiple entry points as opposed to a designated area. Once you leave your car on a particular platform and get out of it, it is automatically lifted up to the appropriate level. In this way, your car will reach the desired spot on its own saving you time and energy. While the car is being lifted several levels up, each level rearranges the cars to make way for the car being parked. For the rearrangement and split to happen, the middle layers of parking need to keep one slot empty at any given time so that the cars can move sideways. This kind of an arrangement also makes It possible to load and unload a vehicle individually without the need for taking out the other cars underneath rendering the system is completely independent. As such, drivers will have to wait for a very little period of time to retrieve or park the car in the desired location.

Advantages of Puzzle Parking

The Puzzle can be used indoors or outdoors and requires a minimum clear height of 11’ 7 3/4” beginning with the 2 level systems. The advantages can be listed as follows:

  • Multiple entries to provide independent access
  • Large space can accommodate SUV’s
  • No pit required and can be used on upper levels of a garage
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance
  • Variation levels available from -2 to +6 levels

Thus, we can see that puzzle parking systems are a great optimization to your existing or new parking spaces. If you are interested in the prospect of an automated parking system for your own property and want to discuss your options, contact Tedra Automotive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - the leaders in car parking solutions.