Lift Assisted High Rise Tower Parking System

This is a system wherein a separate tower or building is dedicated (in most cases) for parking spaces. It can accommodate 80 to 120 cars and can be designed to meet any type of car requirements, making it suitable for hatchbacks, SUVs, sedans and MUVs. This system can also be installed within the project building itself.

Car parking tower system mainly comprises of vertical columns, a lift for vertical movement of vehicles, and pallets for horizontal movement. As the car enters the building space through the entrance room, it is then raised onto the parking space through the main lift and then moved into empty space using pallet movement. It is completely hassle free as it’s an automated system with no human intervention, making it much safer.

List of products in this category

  • Single Side Tower Parking System
  • Both Side Tower Parking System (1+1)
  • Double-Dip Tower Parking System (2+2)
  • Triple-Dip Tower Parking System (3+3)