Stack Park

This type of system is suitable for all passenger cars in which 2 cars are simply stacked one above the other using a mechanical or hydraulic lifting system.

Stack Parking system normally comprises of a pallet that moves in vertical direction driven by a hydraulic cylinder/mechanical system. The pallet rests on the ground floor and the car is parked on it. If a second car has to be parked, the pallet is raised to Stroke height above the ground and the second car is parked directly on the ground itself. The second car can directly be removed from the ground floor.

List of products in this category

  • Stack Park 210 (Ground & Above)
  • Stack Park 220 (Ground & 2 Above)
  • Stack Park 310 (Pit, Ground & Above)
  • Stack Park 320 (Pit & Ground Independent)
  • Stack Park 340 (Pit & Ground)
  • Cantilever Stack Park 400