Rotary Parking System

This system, parks cars by vertically circulating a merry-go-round platform or a carousal. 8 to 16 cars can be parked in an area of just 2 cars. Rotary Car Parking System moves in a clockwise as well as in an anti-clockwise direction, depending on the location of the car.

There are various capacity modules available

  • 8/16 cars per module
  • Low power consumption
  • Space required per module is that of 2 cars.

This system comes equipped with a multitude of safety features as listed below

  • Parking guidance lamp, Emergency stop switch.
  • Entrance indicators, Mirror for safe parking.
  • Photo sensors for dimensional indication.
  • Voice announcement (optional)
  • Overrun stopper on the pallet.
  • Relay for motor protection

List of products in this category

  • Mini- Rotary Parking System (16 Cars Sedan)
  • Mini- Rotary Parking System (12 Cars SUV)