Puzzle Parking System

This is a mechanical based car parking system that accommodates 5 to 50 cars per module, having a minimum of 2 and maximum of 8 vertical levels. It consists of top pallets having vertical motion, ground-level pallets with horizontal motion and intermediate pallets with both horizontal and vertical motion.

Puzzle Parking system is driven using a mechanical operation. Normally the car is parked on ground level pallet and then it is moved to higher levels depending on space availability. The cars parked on ground level pallets can directly be removed by just driving off.

In order to remove the car from its raised position, the lower pallets are moved aside in horizontal direction using a mechanical motor attached to the pallets. The required pallet is then lowered to the ground level and the car is driven off. The system is fully automated and can be customized to accommodate cars of different heights at different levels.

List of products in this category

  • Over Ground Puzzle Parking System (2 to 8 Levels)
  • 1 in Pit & 7 Above Puzzle Parking System (-1 & +7)
  • 2 in Pit & 6 Above Puzzle Parking System (-2 & +6)
  • 3 in Pit & 5 Above Puzzle Parking System (-3 & +5)