Stack Park

Stack Park

This type of system is suitable for all passenger cars in which 2 cars are simply stacked one above the other using a mechanical or hydraulic lifting system.

Stack Parking system normally comprises of a pallet that moves in vertical direction driven by a hydraulic cylinder/mechanical system. The pallet rests on the ground floor and the car is parked on it. If a second car has to be parked, the pallet is raised to Stroke height above the ground and the second car is parked directly on the ground itself. The second car can directly be removed from the ground floor.

List of products in this category

  • Stack Park 210 (Ground & Above)
  • Stack Park 220 (Ground & 2 Above)
  • Stack Park 310 (Pit, Ground & Above)
  • Stack Park 320 (Pit & Ground Independent)
  • Stack Park 340 (Pit & Ground)
  • Cantilever Stack Park 400

Hydraulic Puzzle Park

Puzzle Type Hydraulic Parking System

This is a cost-effective hydraulic based system that accommodates 5 to 29 vehicles in a single module. It comprises of 3 levels; A pit level, on-ground level and top pallets. The pit and top move only in a vertical direction and ground level pallets that move only in a horizontal direction.

As the name suggests, the functioning of hydraulic parking system is a bit of a puzzle, and an interesting one! The car is parked on ground level pallet and then the system moves it to top or pit level, depending on the space availability. The cars on ground level pallets can be accessed directly and driven off. In order to remove the car from its top or pit level, the ground level pallets are moved aside in horizontal direction using mechanical motors attached to the pallets and then the required pallet is lowered or raised to ground level and the car is driven off.

List of products in this category

  • 2 Level Puzzle Parking System (+2)
  • 2 Level Puzzle Parking System (-1 & +Ground)
  • 3 Level Pit Puzzle Parking System (-1 & +2)
  • Combination of 2 Level Puzzle Parking System
  • Combination of 2 Level & 3 Level Pit Puzzle Parking System

Mechanical Puzzle Park

Puzzle Parking System

This is a mechanical based car parking system that accommodates 5 to 50 cars per module, having a minimum of 2 and maximum of 8 vertical levels. It consists of top pallets having vertical motion, ground-level pallets with horizontal motion and intermediate pallets with both horizontal and vertical motion.

Puzzle Parking system is driven using a mechanical operation. Normally the car is parked on ground level pallet and then it is moved to higher levels depending on space availability. The cars parked on ground level pallets can directly be removed by just driving off.

In order to remove the car from its raised position, the lower pallets are moved aside in horizontal direction using a mechanical motor attached to the pallets. The required pallet is then lowered to the ground level and the car is driven off. The system is fully automated and can be customized to accommodate cars of different heights at different levels.

List of products in this category

  • Over Ground Puzzle Parking System (2 to 8 Levels)
  • 1 in Pit & 7 Above Puzzle Parking System (-1 & +7)
  • 2 in Pit & 6 Above Puzzle Parking System (-2 & +6)
  • 3 in Pit & 5 Above Puzzle Parking System (-3 & +5)

Tower Park

Lift Assisted High Rise Tower Parking System

This is a system wherein a separate tower or building is dedicated (in most cases) for parking spaces. It can accommodate 80 to 120 cars and can be designed to meet any type of car requirements, making it suitable for hatchbacks, SUVs, sedans and MUVs. This system can also be installed within the project building itself.

Car parking tower system mainly comprises of vertical columns, a lift for vertical movement of vehicles, and pallets for horizontal movement. As the car enters the building space through the entrance room, it is then raised onto the parking space through the main lift and then moved into empty space using pallet movement. It is completely hassle free as it’s an automated system with no human intervention, making it much safer.

List of products in this category

  • Single Side Tower Parking System
  • Both Side Tower Parking System (1+1)
  • Double-Dip Tower Parking System (2+2)
  • Triple-Dip Tower Parking System (3+3)

Horizontal Circulation Park

Horizontal Circulation Park

This is a system which is built underground and operates in the form of a horizontal circulation. It can easily accommodate 6 to 40 cars and effectively utilize the wide planar spaces available under the buildings.

These systems can be pre-planned and be built for large-scale residential or commercial communities, as they can be designed simultaneously along with the actual building layouts and occupancy volume details.

List of products in this category

  • Horizontal circulation system (Lengthwise)
  • Horizontal circulation system (Breadthwise)

Cart Park

Automated Multilevel Car Parking System

This is a fully-automated multi level car parking system that is designed to lift and park cars using a lift and parking cart, which moves along all 3 axes. This type of system can easily accommodate 20 to 200 cars in a single module.

This is the most advanced parking system. With high-speed car parking and retrieval, this type of system is highly suitable for populated urban areas. The cart system can be modified as per requirements and can be made to optimize space usage by installing many rows of the carts. The vehicle enters the facility through the entrance room and is then raised up to required parking level using a lift, and finally moved to the parking space using a cart. The parking and retrieval functions are available at the touch of a button.

List of products in this category

  • Cart Parking System (Lengthwise)
  • Cart Parking System (Breadthwise)

Automobile Elevator

Car Lift - Car Elevator System

Automobile elevators are basically elevators for cars which can transport them from floor to floor, taking them to their designated parking lots. They are extremely space efficient as they eliminate the need for ramps connecting various parking floors.

Car Elevators offer building planners and architects greater flexibility in design, which in turn, helps in cutting down land costs as well as augmenting the resale value of the property. These are ideal for both single floor as well as multi-floor lifting. Elevators are available in both Hydraulic and traction category with speeds ranging from 20 to 60 mpm.

List of products in this category

  • Car Lift ( Hydraulic)
  • Car Lift (Traction)

Mini Rotary

Rotary Parking System

This system, parks cars by vertically circulating a merry-go-round platform or a carousal. 8 to 16 cars can be parked in an area of just 2 cars. Rotary Car Parking System moves in a clockwise as well as in an anti-clockwise direction, depending on the location of the car.

There are various capacity modules available

  • 8/16 cars per module
  • Low power consumption
  • Space required per module is that of 2 cars.

This system comes equipped with a multitude of safety features as listed below

  • Parking guidance lamp, Emergency stop switch.
  • Entrance indicators, Mirror for safe parking.
  • Photo sensors for dimensional indication.
  • Voice announcement (optional)
  • Overrun stopper on the pallet.
  • Relay for motor protection

List of products in this category

  • Mini- Rotary Parking System (16 Cars Sedan)
  • Mini- Rotary Parking System (12 Cars SUV)

Turn Table

Turn Table

Nowadays, one of the most challenging parts of accessing a car is the lack of parking space. Getting a car out of a narrow parking space is quite a task.

Turntables provide an ingenious solution. The vehicle is turned on the spot, the moment you press a button which allows the car to easily exit the area without much effort put in reversing the car. Turntables can be consolidated with existing garages. Larger and heavier vehicles can also be accommodated by increasing both surface load and diameter. It can also be installed as a surface or underfloor system.