Automated Car Elevators & Parking Systems – A Genius Solution for Space Optimization
Posted By Tedra | 20 Jun, 2020

Automobile elevators & Parking Systems are mechanized transportation machines for vehicles, typically used to enable vehicle parking in a multistory building. The motive is to park more vehicles in the same space especially in the urban areas where real estate is costly and parking spaces are a mess. But the application extends beyond just space-efficient commercial parking.

For private luxury condos and premium homeowners whose car is so much of an art piece to be kept hidden in a garage, it can be more of a swank! Who wouldn’t want to own a Ferrari or a Porsche or a vintage car only to be lifted sleekly to their living room (like a Batmobile) to be admired and displayed as an art piece! Whatever the reason be, automobile elevators have some real practical advantages which cannot be offset simply by its ostentatious futuristic appeal. Here are a few reasons why we think an automobile elevators &Parking Systems can change the way property owners think about parking.

Optimum Utilization of Real Estate Space

A typical parking garage is constructed keeping in mind the space to maneuver the car, move it in and out, open the doors from both sides and get out of it. In the case of an automated parking system, you simply park the car in the car elevator, kill the engine, lock the car and get down in the common transfer area. Your car is then rotated, lifted, and transported using robotics until it reaches its designated spot. This means, no need for ramp space and other extra space. It is especially beneficial for projects with limited land space as they save around 60% building volume. This advantage allows companies to increase the project’s ROI by using the saved space for more profitable purposes, like retail stores or additional apartments.

Long Term Savings

Developers can save on construction costs with automated garages through reduced excavation for basements, less construction time and lesser land cost. Developers can also save on the cost of operations incurred from valets/operator salaries, insurance, ventilation equipments, bright lights, etc. Since an automated car park garage does not have human footfalls, all the amenities of a parking space can be cut down to a bare minimum. Moreover, since one cannot simply enter automated garages and pick up a car, one can avoid cases such as theft, vandalism etc and may save on insurance premiums as well.

Reduced Burden on Environment

If you have ever been through the struggle of parking in a parking lot, driving your way up and down the floors looking for a vacant spot, waiting for your turn until a car moves out, you know how time consuming it all is! But its not just you, even the environment suffers from the negative impacts of your extended drive with the rather avoidable emissions. With an automatic car parking solution, you can skip all the unnecessary tasks and leave it to the machines. By the time the machines lift your car and park it in the exact place(all while the engine is off), you would have already moved on making better use of your time.

Better Customer Experience

The kind of satisfaction you get when you skip the stairs for the lift is the same satisfaction you get when you skip the drive for the car lift. Anyone visiting your complex can simply park their cars in the lobby area from where they might be auto lifted for parking. In the same way, the customer will get back their car in the same area saving them the hassles of finding the car, taking it out and so on. Needless to say, this makes for an amazing & memorable customer experience!
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