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Puzzle Parking System - Large Parking in A Compact Space

Puzzle Parking System – Large Parking in A Compact Space

Steep shortage of parking supply is seen in commercial areas. Indiscriminate parking obstructs the free flow of traffic and causes accidents. As such multilevel car parking system is an option to maximize car parking capacity by utilizing vertical rather than horizontal space. However, it is often found that ramps or car lifts consume so much parking area that no increase in parking capacity is possible. In such cases, Mechanical car parking systems seem the best and most cost-effective way out. One of the popular varieties of automated parking systems is the puzzle parking system.

Puzzle parking systems are intelligent parking arrangements. From a distance, the operation of the system looks a lot like a sliding puzzle which gives the system its name. It is a fully automatic car parking system and features combination pallets that enable horizontal and vertical movement of parking spots - much like a puzzle - to park retrieve cars. A puzzle parking system can be easily configured and customized into any property.

A Puzzle parking system typically comes in 2 to 6 levels above ground without pits and with pits 2 to 3 levels underground - thus providing optimal space usage. Horizontally, it can go to any distance depending on the horizontal space you have. It is best for new constructions in urban areas where space is a luxury and every inch costs. The puzzle parking system comes with a vertical lift speed of around 3 meters per minute for floors 2 to 6 and a lateral speed of 7 meters per minute. Also, it works in tandem configuration and hence does not affect car retrieval time while simultaneously parking. Puzzle parking systems are ideal for residential, mixed-use, and public garages in constricted urban areas How Puzzle Parking works

The puzzle parking system is a combination of pallet and stack systems. To park a car, you can enter via multiple entry points as opposed to a designated area. Once you leave your car on a particular platform and get out of it, it is automatically lifted up to the appropriate level. In this way, your car will reach the desired spot on its own saving you time and energy. While the car is being lifted several levels up, each level rearranges the cars to make way for the car being parked. For the rearrangement and split to happen, the middle layers of parking need to keep one slot empty at any given time so that the cars can move sideways. This kind of an arrangement also makes It possible to load and unload a vehicle individually without the need for taking out the other cars underneath rendering the system is completely independent. As such, drivers will have to wait for a very little period of time to retrieve or park the car in the desired location.

Advantages of Puzzle Parking

The Puzzle can be used indoors or outdoors and requires a minimum clear height of 11’ 7 3/4” beginning with the 2 level systems. The advantages can be listed as follows:

  • Multiple entries to provide independent access
  • Large space can accommodate SUV’s
  • No pit required and can be used on upper levels of a garage
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance
  • Variation levels available from -2 to +6 levels

Thus, we can see that puzzle parking systems are a great optimization to your existing or new parking spaces. If you are interested in the prospect of an automated parking system for your own property and want to discuss your options, contact Tedra Automotive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - the leaders in car parking solutions.

Car Parking Systems to Suit Your Requirements

Car Parking Systems to Suit Your Requirements

Automated parking systems are mechanized or motorized solutions which use automated carts, lifts or platforms, to transport cars to their designated parking spot and also retrieve them back. All this happens at the touch of a button as the parking spot is automatically selected as per availability, and does not involve human intervention at any stage.

Automated Car Elevators & Parking Systems – A Genius Solution for Space Optimization

For private luxury condos and premium homeowners whose car is so much of an art piece to be kept hidden in a garage, it can be more of a swank! Who wouldn’t want to own a Ferrari or a Porsche or a vintage car only to be lifted sleekly to their living room (like a Batmobile) to be admired and displayed as an art piece! Whatever the reason be, automobile elevators have some real practical advantages which cannot be offset simply by its ostentatious futuristic appeal. Here are a few reasons why we think an automobile elevators &Parking Systems can change the way property owners think about parking.

Optimum Utilization of Real Estate Space

A typical parking garage is constructed keeping in mind the space to maneuver the car, move it in and out, open the doors from both sides and get out of it. In the case of an automated parking system, you simply park the car in the car elevator, kill the engine, lock the car and get down in the common transfer area. Your car is then rotated, lifted, and transported using robotics until it reaches its designated spot. This means, no need for ramp space and other extra space. It is especially beneficial for projects with limited land space as they save around 60% building volume. This advantage allows companies to increase the project’s ROI by using the saved space for more profitable purposes, like retail stores or additional apartments.

Long Term Savings

Developers can save on construction costs with automated garages through reduced excavation for basements, less construction time and lesser land cost. Developers can also save on the cost of operations incurred from valets/operator salaries, insurance, ventilation equipments, bright lights, etc. Since an automated car park garage does not have human footfalls, all the amenities of a parking space can be cut down to a bare minimum. Moreover, since one cannot simply enter automated garages and pick up a car, one can avoid cases such as theft, vandalism etc and may save on insurance premiums as well.

Reduced Burden on Environment

If you have ever been through the struggle of parking in a parking lot, driving your way up and down the floors looking for a vacant spot, waiting for your turn until a car moves out, you know how time consuming it all is! But its not just you, even the environment suffers from the negative impacts of your extended drive with the rather avoidable emissions. With an automatic car parking solution, you can skip all the unnecessary tasks and leave it to the machines. By the time the machines lift your car and park it in the exact place(all while the engine is off), you would have already moved on making better use of your time.

Better Customer Experience

The kind of satisfaction you get when you skip the stairs for the lift is the same satisfaction you get when you skip the drive for the car lift. Anyone visiting your complex can simply park their cars in the lobby area from where they might be auto lifted for parking. In the same way, the customer will get back their car in the same area saving them the hassles of finding the car, taking it out and so on. Needless to say, this makes for an amazing & memorable customer experience!
If you are impressed by the prospects of having an automobile elevator and want to go ahead with installing one for your own project, contact Tedra - the number one car solutions provider in India and overseas. Tedra Auto is a company that designs and manufactures a complete array of customized car parking for corporate, commercial and residential real estate projects, and optimizes parking spaces with efficient designs at minimal cost and financial risks. At Tedra, we guide you through the best of options in automated parking that add value to your project.

Where to park? — the Urban Dilemma

Every motorised trip ends in a parking situation. Truly, when one arrives at a destination by any motor vehicle one of the first experiences is of parking. This gives rise to parking problems and solutions. Problems exist and we better find solutions. We need optimum car parking solutions and before we begin, we should recognize that optimum has different meanings to car parking users like parking operators, city planners, developers and investors. Two kinds of parking clearly co-exist one is Public parking (usually on-street) & the other is Private parking (in private areas) like buildings, private land, private spaces like Hotels, Hospitals, Cinema houses etc. The individual characteristics of an optimum solution, therefore, should be beneficial for all stakeholders.

How to Tackle and Optimize Parking:

Increase parking supply

This is the first thing that comes to mind when pondering parking problems and solutions. Essentially, it gets property managers/developers, businesses and central/local governments to build more parking facilities.

Increasing on-street parking & Technology to Access

Town planners can design more on-street parking while local governments can have fewer parking restrictions and encourage parallel parking. Access and displays can be given to people on mobile phones and screens boards to identify open parking spaces at a location. This is easy and cost-effective.

Establish minimum parking requirements

By raising the requirements for parking spaces the demand for parking can be reduced. The use of zoning is usual in this context. This method is easy to implement.

Use of Mechanisation & Automation

At 32 mts. /car that are required ideally to park a vehicle this is probably the most pinching and expensive use of a real estate in urban India. Compounded by a lack of policy and space in our cities it surely has made urban living and commuting chaotic and nightmarish. This is becoming true of our all major cities be it Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune or Kolkata.

Car Lift and automobile elevator can do wonders for increasing parking spaces as well as flexible. Creating space from lesser footage using Height, Width and Depth can help us park more vehicles in limited spaces.

Mechanical and automated parking systems are an answer to parking woes in Metro & Urban areas. Of late we find a lot of projects both residential and commercial that offer multi-Level parking systems to their clients. Cities from around the world such as New York, Boston, London, Stockholm, Istanbul, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo have sought to reform urban parking policies to improve the public realm and manage the demand for vehicle travel.

Indian cities have been slow to recognise key impacts of rapid motorisation, and to utilise parking management to moderate the demand for private motorised travel. Public Parking happens in narrow lanes, roadside, street spots, corners, footpaths, by lanes and anywhere. Majority of this happens free of cost or at very low costs thus in a way subsidizing use of private vehicles and chaos. In cities that have introduced parking fees (Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Chennai, etc.) the parking fees are far lower than the value of the land on which the parking is situated.

Enforcement is weak, resulting in low compliance with parking rules and lost revenue. There is a dire need to have a proper policy framework for management of our cities especially developing of a Parking Policy and management. We must curb the free for all, anywhere and everywhere approach and reduce the area given for parking.

Designated parking areas, parking duration policy, pricing of parking to generate revenues for better facilities and discourage long hours, ownership of This is merely scratching the surface of parking problems and solutions and people involved in this field can choose from these and other methods.

Government also needs to take a major initiative in adapting technology for Public Parking.

Policy makers and private professional parking operators can come together and play a great role in easing this problem with successful business models encouraging organized parking and commute. With modern-day technologies stacking up and using vertical heights to park and retrieve vehicles is convenient and possible.

Health of a city, livability, how a city feels, looks, how its residents move, how the traffic flows, how much time do they spend commuting, how much pollution is generated is solely decided by how a state manages its traffic and therefore parking. Parking & ease of commuting should be the prime agenda of our planners in Metro cities and Smart City Projects. This aspect of modern-day city living should be used as a benchmark for livability index of a city, considering the chaos we are in and the likely increase of traffic in future with rural population migrating towards cities if we fail on policies and planning, we will have disastrous consequences, Delhi our capital city is an example. This aspect needs as much attention as healthcare and Swachh Bharat programmers.

Automatic Car Parking – No More Wasting Time Looking for A Spot

Automatic Car Parking – No More Wasting Time Looking for A Spot

Malls and commercial establishments have traditionally resorted to vertical parking spaces where one can self-park in a building reserved for vehicles, from under the basement to several floors above. While this solution is great, it does not make optimal use of space. Also, finding a parking spot in a huge space, even with the assistance of facilitators is time consuming. To tackle this problem, one of the solutions is an automatic car parking system. An automated parking system stacks vehicles on top of each other using complex hydraulics in a multi-level car parking architecture. It thus optimizes space utilization, saves time, and offers a superior alternative to traditional parking systems. It exempts the drivers from the mundane task of parking and retrieving their vehicle as all this happens automatically using advanced robotics. This automated system allows more number of vehicles in a smaller area without the need for large ramps and lanes, thereby creating more space. Tedra Automotive Solutions - one of the leaders in automated car parking systems - brings to you an article explaining the various advantages and applications of an APS.

How Automated Parking Systems Work

Automated parking systems make use of computers, sensors, cameras and various other electro-mechanical components to carry the car, manoeuvre it through the garage and park it in an empty slot. The process requires little inputs from the driver.

According to the manner in which they transport the car from entry to the parking spot, there are two types of automated parking systems:

  • Horizontal platform
  • Vertical car lift

In both cases, the process is very similar, with the only thing that differs being the movement of the car until it reaches the desired space. In both types, the car is driven into the multi-storied parking space as usual. Once positioned on the ramp, the driver shuts down the engine, secures the hand brake and steps out of the car. While the driver does all this, sensors measures the vehicle’s size and overall shape. After the driver leaves the block, the mechanical arms of the block are set in motion. Using various algorithms, the car is moved into the respective spot, either vertically or horizontally. This entire process is amazingly fast and takes 3 to 5 minutes from the point the driver leaves the car and the time duration in they summon it back. The systems have turntables which turn the car in whichever direction it is required to park.

Automated Car Parking systems can save commercial & residential establishments a lot of space and money required to build tall parking buildings and potentially even the fuel wasted in parking lots. It is safe to assume that Automated car parking is the future of vehicle parking system. If you are already well versed with the benefits of automation and seek to apply the same for your project, contact Tedra Automotive Solutions - the leading car parking solutions provider in India.